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Dr Trish Quinlivan is a General Practitioner focusing on;

Counseling/Psychotherapy; Healing is always possible if you have the willingness and I am passionate about helping you discover your way.Many issues can be addressed; stress, anxiety, depression, other mental illness , grief, identity or sexuality challenges,  work challenges or relationship issues.No referral is necessary and consults are covered by Medicare with a gap fee. Telehealth services are also available if you live in an eligble rural location.

Mind/Body Medicine; There is ever increasing evidence that healing our emotions and spirit can facilitate healing in the physical body. The combination of psychotherapy and mindfulness can benefit our recovery from chronic or severe physical illness, infertility, weight issues,insomnia,chronic fatigue, chronic pain or any ongoing medical issue. As a GP now working in mind health and with experience in physical medicine I am well placed to help you with any of these issues.

Mindfulness; Workshops are run intermittently throughout the year.Mindfulness will help you to live life from your heart, this always brings about healing. Mindfulness has been shown to have significant benefits in all areas of life; health, work, social & sports performance.

Spirituality;I have a deep personal practice of mindfulness and often access enlightened states of love during meditation . If you are non spiritual that is OK.You can view mindfulness as living from your heart and you can benefit from the very practical psychotherapeutic and mindfulness techniques I teach. However if you do have an interest in spirituality I am very happy to embrace this, as part of your healing.

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Counseling, Psychotherapy.

I know we can heal from mental illness and I am passionate about helping people discover their way.I am a general practitioner with 20 years of experience in medicine. I also have two years extra training in psychotherapy and long term mindfulness training.Many different issues can be addressed; stress, depression, anxiety, bipolar, eating disorders,relationship or work issues, grief or other types of mental illness.Consults are rebated by Medicare with a manageable gap cost.I also have an interest in sports performance. Consults last for 1 hour. Referrals from your GP are welcome however they are not necessary. Get in touch to arrange an appointment.

Mindfulness Woodlands Perth

Mind/Body Medicine.

20 years of physical medicine convinced me that our body is intimately connected to our mental, emotional and spiritual being. There is much evidence available today discussing the mind body connection and the benefits of meditation and emotional wellness. Depression is known to contribute to earlier death from heart disease. If you struggle with any chronic or serious illness, infertility, weight issues, chronic fatigue, chronic pain or any ongoing physical issue I would love to guide you on your healing journey.LEARN MORE

Mindfulness Classes

Mindfulness Workshops & Testimonials

I run mindfulness workshops in Woodlands, Perth.Mindfulness is about learning to live in a more present and non resistant way. This facilitates beautiful respite from the constant worrying mind.As we become more centered we gain access to our deeper intuitive self and slowly our lives start to heal as we live in alignment with our hearts.Along the way we learn to face every aspect of self with compassion so that we can gently move beyond any patterns that may be limiting our healing.

Mindfulness Meditation Resources

Meditation & Mindfulness Resources (Free)

I have recorded some audio meditations, some video meditations and some valuable excerpts from my mindfulness workshops. You can  enjoy them here. Learning meditation is a very valuable part of healing. It helps us to discover our inner being so that we can ultimately become an infinite source of our own wisdom..

A Joyous Christmas Message


This is a roughly 15 minute video including a meditation. It is a message about how we bring more joy to our lives by centering into that essence of what we are. The... READ MORE

Why we resist our own healing


We all want to heal, at least we think we do. However the truth is, that the healing journey will require all sorts of challenges. It takes courage, it takes a willingness to... READ MORE