Acceptance is the key to healing depression and anxiety.

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As children we were often taught that it was OK to love and accept ourselves only when we had manged to ‘do it right’.The opposite is true. Loving yourself right now with all the issues and mistakes included is what will enable you to change.While you are in a space of judgment it is hard to do anything.

Spend some time being present just with your breath, letting go of mental judgment.In that space when we are present there is no judgement ever.Does that tell you something? The more time we spend present the more we naturally start to become accepting.This is because that space of presence is by nature accepting.For those of you who have a sense of consciousness this is how we come to understand that the nature of soul or consciousness is absolute acceptance and love.Mistakes or issues make no difference at all to the state of pure acceptance that presence is.

Depression and anxiety are always states of high self judgment. When we are meditating and there is less thought, there is also less judgment. The more we work on presence the more we start to accept ourselves . It is an acceptance that is not dependent on achieving or changing. It is just there. This is the key to healing.
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