Acknowledge your growth

counseling, psychotherapy

” Whenever you find yourself doubting how far you can go, just remember how far you have come.”

Mindset of greatness.

I often see people who say ” when is this ever going to stop, I feel like I’m not getting anywhere?”
It can feel like that at times, but if you really check in,really stop and see the difference between now and a few decades ago,generally you will see great change.
If there is no change then you have work to do in taking full responsibility for your happiness, facing yourself and opening up.
Inevitably though , there will be change. The more willing you have been to embrace presence, see yourself and step towards vulnerability the more change there will be.
It can feel really challenging, when we are caught in the washing machine of emotion or the grips of a pattern we keep repeating, to see we have grown. If you are reading this page though I suspect you are growing.
Take heart, judging yourself has no value.Lovingly accept everything that you are and be honest with what needs to change.Be present, be open it will happen.