Beautiful change on the horizon

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I am going to be making some significant changes. Please see below for details. I wish to express my deepest gratitude to all of you for being a part of my journey so far. You have taught me a great deal and it has been such a gift to watch you move towards greater peace. I would dearly love to continue to share our journey’s together.
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At the earliest May 2021 more likely June. Feel free to
fit in some sessions before then.


I am going to be shifting away from Medicine/Medicare all together. I will still be offering individual consults, group sessions and workshops, exactly as I have been, however there will be no rebate from Medicare.


My heart is pulling me in the direction of deepening into spirituality, the
love that we all are. Leaving Medicare will allow me to facilitate this. The usual
psychological guidance you have received won’t change, but I need the
freedom to provide more spiritual guidance if it is desired. I am not attached to
any religion, though accept all.


My charges will remain the same, see the chart below.
Standard $245
Student /Pensioner $225
Health Care card $215
There will be a $10 discount for each session if you book 6 sessions.

Immense Value:

This may feel financially challenging; however, your healing is
of great value and individual therapy the most important. A Course in Miracles states, “Never forget, then, that you set the value on what you receive, and
price it by what you give(pay).” When you choose to value your own healing,
and pay for it appropriately, you will receive value equivalent to what you gave

(page 165 ACIM text, paragraph 10 & 11).

If it helps, space your sessions out more. Remember, six sessions would cost
you less than a weeks’ holiday away and be far more valuable in terms of your
long-term health.

New options available

  • Group therapy; group therapy facilitates heart opening and deepening selfacceptance. If you feel nervous around working in groups, maybe it’s the exact opportunity you need. See my website for details, click here.
  • Free Podcast; I will be starting a free podcast soon called “Into the Light with Mighty Companions.” It starts as a sharing of my journey into enlightened states and empowers you along the way. It may evolve into a platform where people can ask questions.
  • Mindfulness and Spirituality Workshops; These will continue as before,however may not start for a few months as I am busy organizing the podcast.

New business name and Website

My website and business will be changing names to Living Awareness. Though
it is my business, there is a deep connection to Isira. Living awareness is the
name Isira gives to the ever-expanding team of people around the world, who
share her commitment to live in deep awareness. Isira embodies an
enlightened state and is the most unconditionally loving being I have ever had
the privilege of spending time with. Look up

New name for me!

I have been hearing a name for many months now in my
meditations “Miya”. It has deep meaning for me and points me in the direction
of love. Many of you know my real name is Mary Patricia Quinlivan, though it’s
been “Trish”, since I was young. I have been enjoying Mary more lately
because she was a being of grace, someone to emulate. So officially I will
remain Mary Patricia Quinlivan, however I will use the preferred name of Miya.
I will answer to anything though!

Why Spirituality

More and more I understand and rest in, the truth of what we
all are, which is divine love. This love is slowly pervading my life, despite many
mistakes and imperfections. I know what this can do for you all, it is true
healing. It’s time to start sharing this more widely.

If you are undecided about spirituality;

I would still love to see you. Whatever place you are in, is perfectly ok, just let me know what suits you. I may address spirituality at times, but will always meet you where you feel comfortable.

Deep blessings to all of you and I dearly hope to remain someone you will
choose to see. All of you have inspired me along the way with your
commitment to move towards love. We are all one in love together. The more
any of us choose to move from fear towards love, the more this will help the
rest of the world to do the same. The world needs this now and it needs you.

Deepest love always

Miya (Mary Patricia Quinlivan)