Connecting to nature will facilitate healing.

Nature is a gift for our healing.

It is so beneficial to spend time with our shoes off plugged in to the earth, the trees or the ocean. As we do this we develop an emotional connection to all the living things around us. This enables an emotional connection to ourselves.

She provides support and belonging

With connection we recognise how supported we are by the living world around us and how much we belong. We are all one together, totally interdependant. Nature is not caught in the separation of the ego mind. It is centered just in presence. It doesnt cling onto what it thinks it needs, nor resist what happens. Nature just is. As we surround ourselves with nature we are drawn into this truth.

Connection creates caring

It is so important now for the earth that we all start to recognise this. As we connect more deeply, we naturally start to care more for the earth. We recognise her as a friend whom we want to value.When immersed in nature, there is love going both ways.

healing power of nature
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