Corona virus Action Plan.

In view of the corona virus epidemic, as of tomorrow Monday 30/3/20 all my consults will be ONLINE and FREE (bulk billed to Medicare). The consults will last for 40 minutes.
This is a time of immense challenge, great watershed and the gentle possibility of opening our hearts more deeply. Many of you will be facing very challenging health, family or financial concerns. I definitely want to make myself available to all of you at this time. Please feel free to contact me for an online appointment.
I will be mainly using Skype so it will be necessary for you to download this onto your computer before the appointment. If you are more familiar with facebook, I can be flexible.Consults over the phone are OK too, though I do prefer to see you if possible.
You are all very welcome to ring for an appointment or pass this on to a friend/ relative in need.
Please note the government is regularly bringing in sweeping changes at the moment. In another couple of weeks, I may be going back to the standard 1 hour, online consult, billed privately as before. This will only be for private, non concession clients who are still working and not in financial stress.Everyone else will continue to be bulk billed.
I wish you all good health and peace over this next somewhat challenging time.In order to facilitate greater calm and connection to your own beautiful inner wisdom click the link below for a free meditation. It would be a perfect one to practice in the current situation.
Click this link to my free resources page . It is the first meditation listed
Once this epidemic is over I will be returning to my usual, in person counselling and billing listed below.

counseling, psychotherapyCounseling/psychotherapy sessions 

 I know that humans can slowly heal from mental illness and I am passionate about helping people find their way. I offer counseling / psychotherapy sessions to individuals, couples and family groups. Most issues are covered including depression, anxiety, bipolar, personality issues, grief, weight concerns, work issues, relationship counseling,sports counseling and performance, infertility, insomnia, eating disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder and others. If you have current significant addiction issues I prefer to recommend Fresh Start or another very supportive agency. However I am very happy to see you in maintenance phase.
If you do not have any psychological illness but simply have some stress in your life or need some life or sports performance coaching I would also be very happy to address that.(Performance coaching is not usually covered by medicare unless it is related to mental illness)

Appointments can also be offered to clients over the phone, email or on Skype.

These will be billed according to the time taken as a percentage of the full fee. Medicare rebates are available if you live in a telehealth rural eligible location.


There is a medicare rebate under the Better Access for Mental Health Care initiative. I often do the Mental Health Care Plan myself so you do not need a referral. However if you have a GP whom you see regularly a referral is welcome.
Payment Details Dr Trish Quinlivan
All consults last for 1 hour.
1 hour consult
Undergraduate Student/ Pensioner Concession Card
Health Care Card

Training and Experience

I have extensive experience in dealing with mental health and life issues. I worked in general practice for 20 years and did multiple courses in mental health training. Above this I completed two years of intensive psychotherapy training. I frequently managed mental illness in general practice and developed experience there. I also managed many chronic health issues and started to see the impact of mind/body medicine. Since leaving general practice I have had continuous ongoing training in Mindfulness based psychotherapy and have taught classes since 2013.I am married with two adult sons both of whom have been involved with elite sport for many years, so I also have an interest in sports performance. I regularly attend workshops and retreats to further my learning.
In my own life I feel deeply at peace and enjoy loving relationships with my family and friends.I access very beautiful states of love during meditation and feel love ever increasing in my life. I know what is required to heal and would love to help guide you.It is about discovering those things that are preventing you from being at peace with yourself or affecting your relationships, then compassionately creating change.
I prefer to treat clients with therapy first however very rarely I still prescribe antidepressants. I do not prescribe pain killers or any drugs with addictive potential.

Cancellation policy

Cancellation is often necessary and very understandable and if given notice I am always happy to adjust your appointment. However I will need 24 hours notice of a cancellation.
I f a client has a late cancellation once with a very good reason, fees may be waived. However if a client cancels a second time in less than 24 hours there is a cancellation fee as follows;
  • If the client is late to cancel but does rebook an appointment the cancellation fee of their usual gap payment is taken out (see billing chart).
  • If the client is late to cancel and does not rebook an appointment the full fee is kept.(Unfortunately there is no Medicare rebate if you have not seen me)
  • Any cancellation that occurs after payment, that does not involve a rebooking, incurs a fee of $30 for processing.
This cancellation policy is in line with other practices and provides some compensation given it is usually not possible to rebook an appointment at late notice.
If for some reason I need to cancel a client your appointment will be rebooked or a full rebate given.

Counseling Appointments

If you are interested in an appointment all you need to do is contact me and we can book you in. If you have never had counseling before and are a little nervous or think you may be able to manage without it please consider giving it a go. Counseling can help you and is always a quicker way to end the symptoms you are experiencing than struggling alone. It does not matter at all if you are nervous or uncertain. Learning to accept what we feel and be compassionate to ourselves is partly what therapy is about.Our feelings will start to shift as we heal, however it helps never to be judgmental towards what we are feeling in each moment.

Please feel free to contact Trish for an appointment.