Psychotherapy & Mindfulness.  (Also spirituality if that is your interest) 

counseling psychotherapy

Individuals, couples and families

Humans can heal from life stress, suffering and mental illness. I feel very whole and at peace in my life and I am passionate about helping others find their way.
Sessions are offered to individuals, couples and small groups. Whatever you are experiencing there is always a way forward. Whether there is mental illness such as depression, anxiety disorders, eating disorders or issues around grief, weight concerns, work, relationships,sexuality, sports performance,physical illness, infertility or insomnia .As you learn to recognise the patterns that are limiting your healing and you learn how to live more from your heart or spirit, you will heal. I am deeply immersed in spirituality, so this can be embraced as a part of your healing if that is your interest.

What I can offer you ( training & experience)

  • The most important experience I have is my own healing journey. Years of compassionately facing my own issues and cultivating a mindful/spiritual practice has resulted in an ever deepening journey into enlightened states of love. I regularly access enlightened states during meditation and at other times. Of course there is ongoing learning for me and I can definitely still make mistakes. However there is much less fear, deepening love in relationships and joy is increasingly present . Life doesn’t impact me so deeply anymore because in the background there is always love, deepening trust,safety and pure awareness. It is the understanding gained from my own healing that enables me to guide you in the same direction.
  • Teachers that have guided me in recent years include; Isira ( my current teacher and someone to whom I feel immense gratitude), A Course in Miracles a deeply transformative and beautiful teaching and Eckhart Tolle.


  •  Graduated from Medicine at UWA in 1991 ( MBBS, FRACGP ). Worked for 20 years in  Medicine ( mostly general practice but also hospitals).
  • From 2012 to current, 9 years years purely in mental health and mindfulness.
  • Mindfulness training and teaching since 2012 ( meditation since I was 18) .
  • 2 years of  intensive Gestalt psychotherapy training.


These can be individual, couples or family sessions. Sessions last for 1 hour and are usually in person, but can also be online or over the phone.

Costs for individual/couples sessions

If you qualify for a mental health care plan you can have up to 10 sessions per calendar year  at a Medicare rebate of $136.85. If you don’t qualify but you are seeing me with some stress issue the rebate will be lower at $110.15.I often do the Mental Health Care Plan myself so you do not need a referral. However if you have a GP whom you see regularly a referral is welcome. More information about this is provided at booking. 
My fees are listed below. If you book and pay for 6 sessions in advance there will be a $10 discount on each session.
  Fee Medicare rebate Gap Book 6 in advance fee Gap
Private $245 $136.85 $108.15 $235 $98.15
Student/Pension card $225 $136.85 $88.15 $215 $78.15
Health Care Card $215 $136.85 $78.15 $205 $68.15
Please note if you want to book 6 sessions and you can’t afford the full up front cost , let me know and we can arrange a payment plan.

Cancellation policy

Cancellation for individual appointments is often necessary and very understandable and if given notice I am always happy to adjust your appointment. However I will need 24 hours notice of a cancellation.
I f a client has a late cancellation once with a very good reason, fees may be waived. However if a client cancels a second time in less than 24 hours there is a cancellation fee as follows;
  • If the client is late to cancel but does rebook an appointment the cancellation fee of their usual gap payment is taken out (see billing chart).
  • If the client is late to cancel and does not rebook an appointment the full fee is kept.(Unfortunately there is no Medicare rebate if you have not seen me)
This cancellation policy is in line with other practices and provides some compensation given it is usually not possible to rebook an appointment at late notice.
If for some reason I need to cancel a client your appointment will be rebooked or a full rebate given.
Please feel free to contact Miya for an appointment.