Experiencing the divine message of the cross

I recently returned from a beautiful weekend retreat with Isira, she mentioned during a morning talk the symbolism of the cross. In the following meditation I had a very beautiful experiential understanding of the symbolism she discussed. I describe it briefly in the video below.
The written version, with more detail is below.
After breathing for awhile in meditation I entered the space of “emptiness”
This is an experience of knowing that nothing we see in the world is real.Truly we are in emptiness.
I know this can be a slightly uncomfortable concept for people and it used to be for me. So I want to reassure you that the form, the body is still there, as is the earth. It’s just, in that space the experience is of the deeper truth; the experience is emptiness.
At the center of emptiness I was aware of immense love, felt as an overwhelmingly beautiful white loving light. This time it was brilliantly emanating from the long vertical arm of the cross and from Jesus.
In that moment I had the experiential understanding that the long or vertical arm of the cross represents this ever present NOW, this all encompassing moment and it was overwhelming love, light and expansive. The long arm symbolizes being present in the now, vertically here in this moment. Anchored above and below like a tree with immense all encompassing roots and branches that reach into consciousness. It was an experience of light, love and absolute connection to source.
The short horizontal arm of the cross represents horizontal time past and future. Here we are not deeply centered in the now but entirely caught in our mind and ego. I saw very clearly how we create our own suffering by staying on the horizontal arm with no anchoring to presence. Therefore we do not access the immense source of love that is inside us right here in this moment.
Instead we stay caught in the frenetic activity of daily life attempting to find love and security where there is only ever impermanence. I understood that if we are willing to stop and be centered like the long arm of the cross right here, we can discover our essence. The true connection we are chasing. This can never die, never be taken away and it is unconditional love.
My deepest gratitude goes to Isira for her brightest light, unconditional love and wisdom.