Great Strength in unfailing gentleness

There is great strength in unfailing gentleness. When we are living life from our place of center, trusting in source with no need to fear, then we will have the capacity to treat others with absolute gentleness.

The need to hurt another will always come from some kind of fear. Fear we are not enough, fear of failure, fear of separation or fear of being hurt.

We are all intimately connected as the one essence. Therefore when we are hurting another we are really hurting ourselves. Also, when we hurt another we are reinforcing to ourselves that our fears are warranted. That we are separate and alone and cannot trust the unconditional love of spirit.

The one essence is unconditional love and loving, perfectly safe, absolutely gentle, completely invulnerable, permanent and unchanging. This is the truth of what we are. What is there to fear?

When we have the privilege of witnessing a being who is truly enlightened, what we see is absolute trust and absence of fear.We will also see unfailing gentleness.

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