Happiness requires diligence and gentleness

If we want to find true happiness we need to start living from our inner being. Our spirit that is aching to guide us to a more joyous and fulfilled state.

However while we are still very caught in rushing and distraction it is hard to access the love and wisdom of our center.

So diligence is required. A useful list could look like this;

  • regular meditation just starting at a level you can manage.
  • regular conscious breathing, stopping and having a few centered breaths wherever you are
  • spend time in nature daily and get your shoes off planted into the earth
  • learn to listen in and follow your wisdom even if it means not pleasing others
  • practice nonjudgment, as you learn not to judge others you will also learn to accept yourself
  • be willing to see yourself with love, esspecially greet your fear, pain, anger and unworthiness with compassion
  • start to step towards vulnerability reach out for connection even if it risks rejection, adjust your work the way you need, even if it risks dissapproval, be vulnerable enough to be your authentic Self
  • eat well and get to bed on time
  • have a good shake,punch the pillow, yell, cry, laugh, dance and play regularly
  • and on the days you don’t do any of these things, treat yourself with absolute gentleness
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