Mindfulness; accepting ourselves, dealing with anxious situations

When seeing clients for psychotherapy or counselling I am often explaining that most of us humans want to find love and acceptance in the world. We don’t realize that the source of love and acceptance is inside us. With slowly increasing presence we will start to experience this. However there are stages in developing presence. Until we are quite deeply conscious beings we may experience fear/anxiety around whether we will be loved and accepted in the world.
If you tune in to your anxiety around other humans, at the core of your fear will be a fear of not being good enough somehow and therefore not being loved or accepted. For some it may be a deeper fear of criticism or attack.
The way to deal with fear is to open up to it with loving acceptance.It also helps to spend time focused on what you have to offer the world. This may include many things however at the core there is love. Focus more on what you have to offer, than on worrying what others may think. If you offer them love and warmth, they will enjoy being with you.
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