Mindfulness; acting from guilt contributes to depression and anxiety

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Guilt is mindfulness psychotherapyone of those emotions that it is best never to act from. If we are doing something purely from guilt inevitably we are not listening truly to what our body is telling us. Acting from guilt in a relationship means that we may not be honoring our core needs or we may not be speaking a truth that needs to be told to the other. This has a tendency to build up feelings of being overwhelmed, exhausted,angry and resentful towards that other person.This is not their fault at all, it is our responsibility to act from our truth.I often see clients for psychotherapy or in mindfulness classes who are living many of their relationships from guilt this tends to deepen their anxiety or depression.

In the other acting from guilt has a tendency to keep them stuck in unhelpful behavior patterns. We are not giving them the opportunity to see the truth, something that would be very helpful for them.If you really look at any relationship where you know you are acting from guilt you will clearly be able to see the damage you are doing to yourself and the other.

Take responsibility , live your life honestly and be true to yourself. Real love sometimes has to be very firm and it always has to be truthful.