Mindfulness The benefits of presence

Mindfulness is all about being present in this moment.Presence may start with just being aware of the world around us, our sense perceptions. For example being attentive with acceptance to what we are seeing , hearing or touching.
Presence may also be centering on our internal environment our breath or the energy in our body. After awhile presence starts to deepen, there is an awareness of that space of stillness inside.
When we spend time in presence it starts to change us. There is more possibility of making wholesome decisions that are beneficial for our whole being. Rather than living from the sense of should that our mind/ego is based in. If we can maintain some sense of presence when we are in difficult situations or with challenging people we are much more likely to stay calm and centered. This enables us to respond calmly, rather than react from unconscious emotion.
More time in presence has a natural tendency to create more acceptance. We become far more accepting of ourselves and others. Love is a part of this, more time present is loving and nurturing for ourselves and for those around us.
Really presence is about allowing our deeper wiser self or you could say consciousness to flow more in our lives.  When we are sitting in presence we have access to our deeper wiser self.
Watch the video below from the February mindfulness course when we were working on presence.We were aiming to regularly center into the body or that still space inside.