Non judgement of others will heal you


If you see others with loving nonjudgment you will see yourself the same way.

The more we are able to look at others with compassion and nonjudgment, the more we will be able to see ourselves the same way. This will lead to our healing.

It is still Ok to set firm boundaries, compassionately

It is still necessary to stand up for ourselves in relationships, to set firm boundaries and to be able to follow our truth, irrespective of external approval. However in all of our dealings with others, even if we are firm, we can be nonjudgmental and compassionate.

What we do to another we are doing to ourselves

The absolute truth is we are all connected, we are all one. What we do to another we are doing to ourselves.

If we believe others are innocent we will believe we are

If we want to further our healing journey, we need to recognize the innocence of others. They are only controlled by their unconscious fear and do not always know what they do .This doesnt mean we don’t lock up dangerous criminals, just that we recognise in the eyes of God we are all innocent and worthy of unconditional love. Once we recognize their innocence of others we will recognize our own.

It is our sense of guilt or unworthiness that keeps us from our light

As we learn to see ourselves the way God does as pure divine spirit, perfectly innocent and perfectly worthy. We will discover our light.