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Parenting Courses Daniel

The life experience of being a son, father, uncle and husband is invaluable. I have also worked as a social worker and counselor in schools for 20 years and worked in both the health and corporate sectors.  This has encompassed people at all stages of life with the huge range of experiences that life presents. 

My school experience has enabled me to work with hundreds of parents supporting then on the parenting journey.  

I can provide you with an opportunity to explore the following in my parenting courses;

  • Your child’s emotional world.  What you as a parent can do to help build your child’s resilience.  Resilience is one of the most important factors that will influence your child’s success and happiness.
  • Building a positive relationship with your child and how to manage the challenging times between child and parent.
  • How to assist your child develop friendships and succeed at school.
  • The types of praise that will help your child flourish.
  • Supporting your child to manage the challenges that will arise in their lives and the importance of these challenges in their growth as a successful and happy person.
  • The importance of children learning to take responsibility.
  • Looking after yourself as a parent.
  • Why gratitude is important in our lives.
  • An Introduction to Mindful Parenting and the benefits of Mindfulness in your life.


Staff Training and Workshops Daniel

I have delivered  Staff Training and Workshops in a wide variety of settings including, school staff, parent groups, health sector, corporate sector, parent support centres, and community colleges.

I can tailor sessions to your needs and the time you have available. Whether that be a 1 hour staff meeting  or a full day.  I can also offer follow up support via a range of media,  following the training to assist with putting the learning into action in the real world. Some of the area’s he can provide training in are as follows:

  • Understanding and managing stress.
  • Mindfullness
  • Meditation
  • Parenting
  • Managing children’s behavior
  • Understanding the needs of parents.

I am passionate about bringing researched base strategies into real world practice.  I have spent over 20 years working with people at the coal face and combine this board real world experience with professional knowledge to deliver training that will provide you with real world strategies you can use every day.  

Trish has been running mindfulness classes now since 2012. Trish has also run staff PD days based on mindfulness.Please see Trish’s page on Mindfulness classes and Testimonials

Please feel free to contact Daniel or Trish or ring 0419 896 373 to discuss how they can assist your organization, school or group with development and training.