group spirituality

Ultimately the only thing that really heals us is a deep connection to our inner being or Self.  We are never going to feel safe,secure and loved whilst enmeshed in a world that can only guarantee change. The only possibility we have of lasting peace is connection to that which never changes, never dies and is unconditional love. This is awareness itself or spirit. I feel so blessed to have discovered this and would love to help you move in the same direction.
Small groups are a beautiful way to facilitate deepening spirituality. The healing journey requires practice in centering to Self and also an ability to witness our emotions and core patterns with compassion and slowly move beyond them.  Vulnerability is discovered to be a gift, as is authenticity and absolute nonjudgment. Group sessions directly enhance all of these aspects. I would love to welcome you along.

Costs group sessions

The sessions will be 70 minutes ( including a 10 minute meditation) and can be in person or online depending on what members need. 
The group size is four people ( more if needed and session time will be increased accordingly).If you are interested in joining a group please contact me. Once we have 4 members we can go ahead. It is also possible to form your own group, or have groups of family, friends or colleagues. I can also come to workplaces, there is an added fee for this.
The groups can be general spirituality and healing sessions or special interests such as; weight loss, family issues or social anxiety ( or form your own special interest).
Payment is in advance for 4 sessions, frequency can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
Please note, If I do not know you at all from individual therapy we will need to have a 5 minute online or phone consultation before you join a small group. This is to ensure the group environment will be OK for you. This will cost you $20

Costs for small group courses

Each SessionFour Sessions
Student / Pensioner$60$240
Health Care Card$55$220

Cancellation is not possible for group sessions unless the whole group agrees (usually only possible for family or work groups). If you are sick you can join the group online. If you have a very good reason you may receive a voucher to come to a mindfulness class for free, otherwise you lose your fee for that week.