Benefits of Small Groups

Small groups are a beautiful way to facilitate deepening healing or spirituality. The healing journey requires practice in centering to Self.Also an ability to witness our emotions and core patterns with compassion. This enables us to move beyond them.  Vulnerability is discovered to be a gift, as is authenticity and absolute nonjudgment. Group sessions directly enhance all of these aspects. I would love to welcome you along.
Small groups can focus on spirituality or healing specific aspects, such as weight loss, anxiety or depression. It’s very helpful to know you are not alone and share in a supportive environment.


Each session will last for 70 minutes including a 10 minute meditation at the beginning.
The group size is four people ( more if needed and session time will be increased accordingly).You can also choose a smaller number and pay more.
The sessions will go for four weeks and be paid for, in advance.
They can be held online or in person depending on what suits group members.
Cancellation is generally not possible unless all agree. If you are sick you can join the group via zoom.
If you are interested in joining a group please contact me. Once we have 4 members we can go ahead.
It is also possible to form your own group, or have groups of family, friends or colleagues.
I am happy to come to workplaces, there is an added fee for this.

Costs of small group sessions

Four Sessions
Student / Pensioner$265
Health Care Card$255