Run intermittenly over the year. I will be scheduling one soon ( busy starting a new podcast at the moment called “Into the light with mighty companions”)

What workshops cover;

  • Discuss topics that are greatly beneficial for your growth.

  • Learn how to develop a deeper connection with your intuitive Self.Presence facilitates living from our hearts or consciousness, instead of caught in our judgemental ego mind.This creates healing in every aspect of life.

  • True connection to Self requires facing ourselves honestly and compassionately. We learn how to gently witness our painful emotions and unhelpful patterns of behaviour. This is the only way to move beyond them.

  • We learn about meditation. Meditating with others who access deep states of beingness, facilitates your own deepening into prescence. Presence fosters your ability to hear your own beautiful inner wisdom. This will inform every decision and every relationship, creating more love in your life.

  • There is always opportunity to ask any questions you need.

Please get in touch or ring 0419 896 373

Testimonials for Mindfulness Classes

(These testimonials are for the Mindfulness classes. Names have been adjusted to preserve privacy)
“Just a quick note to say how incredibly incredible the course has been-the impact on the direction my life has taken has been just huge. I spent the whole first week crying, then I started looking in…and now I am building trust with the real me-not someone I have dared to declare until this week.”
“I am living so much more within my own vulnerability when I can access it.I am noticing how incredibly important vulnerability is. I had an evening out recently, and I was reluctant to go as it was an occasion I usually find dull. Turns out, when I go somewhere with an opened heart and can actually just be myself (such a scary thing for me)I have a wonderful time. So it occurred to me that in fact I am the one dulled by my own ‘interesting’ (not actually interesting at all) mask. It is so humbling learning this, even though I already knew it deep inside. Thank you for your gentle teaching. I know it must be hard for you to do because I know that in order to teach it you have to be it yourself. ”  Sophie
” I have been able to unravel previous triggers of anxiety, to deal with unresolved feelings and to learn to accept what is.All of our wishing things were different never changes the circumstances it only causes us to live in limbo, resisting creates more pain.The sooner we accept things we can’t change the sooner we move past them, no matter how awful the circumstances are. Trish has a calm and accepting presence, within which I have felt safe to express my opinions. She has occasionally asked me hard and unexpected questions that have required honest consideration.Sometimes a journey like this can bring you to moments you don’t feel comfortable, but those moments are where the breakthroughs occur. This only happens if we are brave enough to explore the possibilities.” Sarah
“I believe being able to meditate has helped me keep myself in a positive frame of mind….I cannot thank you enough for the strength of mind I believe I have gained.”   Sally
” I really think it’s good coming to the course and just learning to be present in the moment. Our minds are like a race track most of the time…learning to put the brakes on is great” Susan
” I signed up to the mindfulness course not really knowing what to expect. I learned to listen to my body and become aware of my thoughts…I gained skills to overcome obstacles in my life by being present. With mindfulness and meditation I can truly face myself and start to heal. Trish has a wonderful warm energy that she brings to each session….Her presence fills the room which brings a beautiful stillness to your mind and body. ” Margaret
“I greatly valued:
  • getting an understanding of mindfulness and how it can be applied in everyday life;
  • having a space to come and just ‘be’; and
  • having the opportunity to see that I wasn’t alone in many of the things I was feeling and experiencing.
The compassionate and open way the course was facilitated provided many valuable ‘aha’ moments,that have enabled me to come back and make positive and lasting changes in my life.As a result of mindfulness, the world is not so overwhelming and I feel better more often- I have time to stop and really appreciate the many lovely moments in my life.” Lisa
“Trish not only helps to educate participants on how to engage with the present moment, but also really helps you to understand what is standing in your way. Now I have an understanding of presence and ego, I am being more conscious of allowing myself to be vulnerable and authentic.”   Kiara
“I felt very welcome at the course. Everyone who attended was very friendly, grounded and seemed to be like minded souls. I am sure everybody took away valuable lessons and experience. I would love to attend another course in the future.” Steven
” I gained considerable benefit from attending the mindfulness course with you. Of particular interest was the teaching around being a people carrier. Also the emphasis on not resisting and allowing what is to be. The discussion on vulnerability made me much more aware of the need to be open and to keep working on it. This course would benefit many people interested in understanding themselves more.” Neil