Tools To Enlighten Your Life Retreat 20/10/19

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If you want to feel more whole and live life more connected to your soul. If you want to be offering the world your immense value and feel more fulfilled. If you want to be a better parent, partner or friend and build more loving relationships, but you just don’t know how to start, come to my retreat.
I have been there, not really happy, not sleeping well, not honoring my true Self, not certain how to own my potential, unsure how to find my way to deeper fulfillment.
Now I regularly access states of enlightened love during meditation. I know I am honoring my true Self and offering that wherever I go. I feel very whole and fulfilled. I feel blessed that my relationships are deepening in love and know I am a better parent, friend and partner. I feel deeply connected to spirit/love and this is growing all the time. 
I am a general practitioner with 28 years of experience in healing.I have focused entirely on Mindfulness, Spirituality and Psychotherapy for the last 7 years.I can guide you towards finding a deeper connection to your true Self, so that you can discover the immense beauty of your being. This will benefit you in every aspect of your life; your work, your relationships, your health. You will become calmer and less reactive at work or in your relationships. Also your decision making will become much more intuitive, more in line with your heart. Every step we take that brings us closer to honoring our true Self brings us closer to love.

During this workshop you will be immersed in the loving energy of presence. You will practice centering into your own inner being, a place of wisdom and loving acceptance. You will learn the basic practical tools required to further your healing journey. I would love to welcome you to the retreat.
Date Sunday 20/10/2019 , 9am -3pm
Cost $150 or $125 for Stu/pens
Contact me on 0419 896 373 or email;