Tools to Enlighten your Life Retreat

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Everyone needs to know how to heal. Those things we can do in our lives that will facilitate growth towards greater joy, fulfillment and loving relationships.

During this workshop you will be immersed in the loving energy of presence. You will practice centering into your own inner being, a place of wisdom and loving acceptance. You will learn the basic practical tools required to further your healing journey.

I am a general practitioner with 28 years of experience in healing. I have focused entirely on mental health and Mindfulness for the last 7 years. In my early life I had periods of anxiety, depression and insomnia. For many years now I have felt very whole and deeply at peace. I access the love that is at the center of all things during meditation (enlightened states), and feel my whole life moving towards love. I know how to guide you towards healing because I have healed myself.

I would love to welcome you to my retreat day. read more about the retreat; click here.