Truly and compassionately meet Emotion

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Mindfulness, depression

Most of us want to be rid of our challenging emotions like fear,pain,shame,anger,frustration or cynicism.

We tend to deal with challenging emotion in two ways. The first is to fight them and suppress them. The second is to overly ruminate, often judging ourselves and sometimes feeling a little victimized that they are occurring. Neither of these options will help, in fact both serve to keep them stuck.

The way beyond these emotions is to truly and compassionately meet them. Our inner being needs to be loved, accepted, heard and understood or it will not want to move on.

At a practical level we can do this by starting with some breathing and sink into being present with the breath. Then with compassionate awareness simply witness the emotion, notice how it feels in the body, be curious about it. In other words bring presence to the emotion. Often it will start to ease.

This process may also facilitate insight coming.For example you may gain insight that the reason you have been feeling down is because you have not been true to yourself, perhaps you have been saying yes too much or not standing up for your core needs.Insight is more likely to come if we simply bring presence to the emotion, it is not about analyzing, Analysis tends to keep us stuck in thought and is less loving.

I wish you well in truly meeting everything that you are experiencing with compassion.